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The Real Inclusive Education Blog

The Real Inclusive Education Blog

In my Spring, 2018 semester, I took an online class: Computer Skills In The Information Age.

One of my assignments was to create a blog, and I chose to use Wordpress as a platform and then figured out how to also put it on my web site, JimmyFreels.com.

This blog was originally published here https://realinclusiveeducation.wordpress.com.

My first blog post.

Hello, my name is Jimmy Freels, and I created this blog to talk about my experience in Inclusive Education (IE).

What IE is, in high school, I was in inclusive classes. I attended all regular education classes through an IEP (Individualized Education Plan), but in college you don’t have an IEP.

An Inclusive Education program is the only option I had, and I was fortunate to be one of the first IE students with a physical disability.

I live in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m a student at Georgia State University (GSU). How I got into college is through an Inclusive Education program at GSU called Inclusive Digital Expression And Literacy (IDEAL).

Here is IDEAL’s web page. http://cps.education.gsu.edu/research/ideal/