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I have some thoughts, some ideas, and a few certain opinions.

These days, not everybody wants to hear different opinions.

I’m not afraid to speak my mind. Are you?

One of the most difficult realities of living with a disability is acknowledging my dependency on others. There was a time when this reality made me hesitate to honestly speak what was on my mind and what was on my heart. Not anymore.

Can I help you learn to speak honestly?

Grab copies of my opinion pieces.
In 2019 I wrote and published a series of opinion pieces as a Staff Columnist for the Georgia State University student newspaper, The Signal.

You can download PDF copies below.
Let's Expand Inclusive Education.
My first opinion piece was published Tuesday February 5, 2019 in The Signal, the GSU student newspaper.
Is the 75 Piedmont Building an ignored civil rights icon?
Somehow GSU's Center for Leadership in Disability doesn't mind.
The GSU Office of Disability Services cannot assist all disabled students.
The GSU Center for Leadership in Disability was the main problem.
MARTA's elevators aren't as reliable as their trains.
And the elevators are often...pungent.