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The Real Inclusive Education Blog

The Real Inclusive Education Blog

In my Spring, 2018 semester, I took an online class: Computer Skills In The Information Age.

One of my assignments was to create a blog, and I chose to use Wordpress as a platform and then figured out how to also put it on my web site, JimmyFreels.com.

This blog was originally published here https://realinclusiveeducation.wordpress.com.

Search engines vs Meta-Search engines

This RealInclusiveEducation.Wordpress.com blog page was created as part of an assignment in my online computer class, LT 2010: Computer Skills for the Information Age.

I’m taking this class as part of my IDEAL curriculum.

This week’s assignment is to perform a web search on the term of my choice, and I chose “Inclusive Education.”

I used three different search engines: Google, Yahoo, and Bing. I also used three different meta-search engines: Dogpile, Webcrawler, and Metacrawler.

On the three search engines, there were more similarities than differences, but the meta-searches differed the most. Webcrawler pulled up more PBS articles than the others.

However, the results of all the searches only referenced the objective of including children with disabilities in regular education classrooms in elementary, middle school, and high school, but not in college.

Georgia State University is changing the definition of inclusive education with IDEAL by now including everyone, even disabled students in college classrooms, and that’s Real Inclusive Education.